This is a personal site where I publish information about my open-source projects. The site also provides interactive playgrounds for those projects that don't have a separate home page. I don't intend to publish here events from my personal or professional life.

Check out my asmbits dev-blog to see more activity and updates about my C++ projects or go directly to my github profile to see the source code and my commits. Some projects I work on are under asmjit, blend2d, and exjs organizations on github.


C++ is my favorite language that I'm not gonna abandon in near future. It gives full power to its developers and it's the only language that allowed me to do what I'm doing at the moment. I really need to control every allocation in my code and I often write special allocators for data structures I'm using. I'm currently interested mostly in high-performance computing, JIT code generation, and CPU accelerated rendering of 2D graphics.

Active Projects:


JavaScript & node.js

I prefer node.js environment for writing high-performance and highly scalable servers. My node.js work is often related to application's architectures, APIs, data, and security. Recently I also started experimenting with 2D game design and rendering.

Active Projects: