This is a personal site where I publish information about my open-source work. The site also provides interactive playgrounds of projects that don't have a separate home page. I don't intend to publish here events from my personal or professional life.

Check out my asmbits dev-blog to see more activity and updates about my C++ projects or go directly to my github profile to see the source code and my commits. Some projects I work on are under asmjit, blend2d, and exjs organizations on github.


C++ is my favorite programming language that I use for all the low-level work that I do. Although I also know C very well I don't start new projects in C anymore. I like to control every allocation in my C++ projects and I often write specialized allocators and data structures that use such design. I don't like C++'s STL very much as I don't usually use exceptions in my own code (controversial, but my way). I'm currently interested mostly in high-performance computing, JIT code generation, and CPU accelerated rendering of 2D graphics (in general anything that works with pixels and is taking advantage of SIMD).

Active Projects:


JavaScript & node.js

Node.js is my favorite server-side environment that I use when implementing scalable web services. My node.js work is often related to application's architectures, APIs, data, and security. Recently I also started experimenting with 2D game design and rendering, but just for fun.

Active Projects: